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About Fencing

Fencing is a sport of skill, grace and technique. It will keep you fit both physically and mentally but most importantly it is great fun for beginners and the experienced alike. The are three forms of fencing: Foil, Épée and Sabre - each with their own type of weapon and rules. Equipment for all three forms is available to club members.

Custodians Fencing Club Coach

Fencing takes place on a piste where opponents face one another, move up and down the piste and are free to use the whole of the piste's area.

Custodians Fencing Club Coach

The below shows the main stances "Guards" a fencer uses. The blade is posistioned to defend 1/4 of the target area. The feet are posistion to give the best possible balance on the piste.

Custodians Fencing Club Coach

The following will cover the types of fencing and equipment used:


Custodians Fencing Club Coach This is the weapon you normally start to learn fencing with but do not be fooled into thinking this is a beginners weapon. This is the ultimate Fencing weapon! It is a fast light thrusting weapon used to try and hit your opponet on the body. Arms, legs and head are all off target. It is not a heavy weapon and it is not sharp. The handle is slightly shaped and is different for a left handed or right handed person, the coach will make sure you have the correct one. There are further types of handles and you will be introduced to them as you progress through the course. The target area for Foil is shown to the right:


Custodians Fencing Club Coach A larger, heavier and slower weapon than the foil but still used in the same thrusting manner (trying to hit your opponet with the weapon's point). You get a larger target area to hit and defend as there are no off targets with Épée as arms, legs, head and body are all valid targets. The target area for Épée is shown to the right:


Custodians Fencing Club Coach With this weapon the blade can also be used with a cutting or slashing action, as well as with the point. The target area in Sabre is from the top of the hips upwards. The target area for Sabre is shown to the right:

The Plastron

Custodians Fencing Club Coach As you can see it is not much to look at but is a vital piece of protective equipment. It is also a legal requirement under BFA regulations. Plastron's come in different grades and therefore different prices (the starting one is adequate for a beginner) and you will be provided with your own Plastron as a part of your joining fee (No profit is made from the sale you will, recieve the plastron for retail price ).

The Jackets

Custodians Fencing Club Coach The jackets are unisex and come in different sizes, they fit either left or right handed fencers and have a back zip. Fencers that buy their own tend to buy a front zip jacket, which will have a zip on the right or left hand side depending on which hand they hold their weapon.

The Mask

Custodians Fencing Club Coach The masks come in different sizes and so we will find one that fits you. They may appear a little cumbersome at first but you soon get used to them. They just slip on over your head and an elasticated back holds them in place.