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The Custodians Fencing Club

To Join please send you enquires to please do not turn up without confirmed registration. All you need to start is a good pair of trainers, track suit bottoms ( SHORTS MUST NOT BE WORN ) and a glove. We will provide the rest.

The following is general guidance for joining the club at the start of a new course:

To join the club: membership is by the way of a joining fee that incorporates the buying of a piece of protective clothing called a plastron, this plastron will be yours to keep. Plastron prices start from £25. Payment is required in advance and preferably by cheque made payable to the Custodians Fencing Club. This payment goes through the Clubs books and is easier to administer than cash. No profit is made to the club, Plastron's are bought at cost from suppliers. If you are interested in a good second hand plastron rather than a new plastron please ask for availability.

You will then pay £3 per session at the reception of the Castle Sports Complex where you will be issued with a receipt.

Parents / Guardians / Partners are welcome / encouraged to stay and watch. There is a bar in the sports complex for those who do not wish to sit and watch the whole time.

Parents / Guardians are automatically registered as associate members and are able to buy / wear Custodians Fencing Club Merchandise.

The Adult / Cadet course

This will normally last 6 sessions where you will be taught the basics of Foil Fencing. The Foil is a small light weight thrusting weapon used to hit your opponets body. You then get 2 extra weeks where you are taught the basics of fencing with electric weapons, and shown how to hook up to the electric scoring system. After that you will continue to be coached through the master classes or on an individual basis through one to one sessions.


Junior classes are ran on a week by week basis. A normal session contains warm up excersies, a lesson in a new fencing skill and to finish a chance to practise what you have learn against other members. All lessons are fun and safe supervised by a fully CRB registered coach.